A2B-online Container B.V offers reliable short sea services from the port of Moerdijk to 4x different ports in the UK.

Our terminal in Moerdijk is ideally located between Rotterdam and Antwerp

Why ship via Moerdijk?
Shipping cargo through the port of Moerdijk reduces the haulage cost quite considerable. The difference in distance for cargo coming from the East is 31 kilometers in comparison to the nearest short sea terminal in Rotterdam. Furthermore it avoids driving on to the congested motorways around Rotterdam, which means that you can optimize your haulage and planning. It will reduce your CO2 emission substantially. Here by our advantage is your advantage!

Multi modal possibilities
Next to the possibility to deliver cargo per truck there are also barge- and rail connections on our terminal. Daily barges and trains from different parts of Europe are arriving on our terminal. This way Moerdijk is used as a hub for further transport with our short sea services.

Quay to Quay & Door to Door
We offer two kind of short sea services. Knowing a quay to quay service for so called shippers owned equipment and a door to door service with own 45ft container equipment. More information about these services can be found at the above tab containers services.

Personal relationships, reliability, continuity and durability are concepts where our services and business modal is based upon.

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A2B-online photo
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